Delphic Cultural Heritage Days 2024

7 - 9 April






Delphic Cultural Heritage Days, an institution inaugurated in 2021 for commemorating 70 years from the death of the great Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos, will resume in April 2024 with a variety of events in Athens.

Attendance to cultural events is free! Register below for the conferences:  

Delphic Cultural Heritage Days 2024, April 7 - 9

April 7

Cultural events dedicated to Sikelianos

People of the Letters and the Arts will be invited to speak about Angelos Sikelianos and his spiritual and moral heritage. Also, representatives from the cities where the poet lived and created will discuss his legacy and present the activities planned in his memory. 

April 8

From Apollo and Asclepius to One Health, a one-day conference:

Academics and policy makers will discuss and elaborate on the environment and its impact on health. One Health approach is critical to addressing health threats in the animal-human-environment interface.  

April 9

From the 1st Amphictyony of Cities to Modern Diplomacy and City Networks, a one-day conference:

Starting from the Delphic Amphictyony―the first city network―regional and municipal politicians and experts from Greece and the EU present, discuss and elaborate on city networks and diplomacy. 

View the Preliminary Agenda:

The Delphic Cultural Heritage Days 2024 aspire to be a living workshop for the fermentation and osmosis of global ideas; to become an open and hospitable hive of a humanistic international spirit of altruism, cooperation, and co-creation; and to contribute to the promote the Delphic Idea in modern times.


European Cultural Centre of Delphi 

Delphi Conference Center
330 54, Delphi, Fokida 

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